We focus on people, efficiency, and innovative technology to drive results

United States Appraisals has provided innovative residential appraisal management solutions for more than a decade. Centrally headquartered in the Kansas City area, we offer professional nationwide appraisal services from start to finish. Our management team is the best in the business and have over 120 years of mortgage, real estate, and home appraisal experience — resulting in much needed confidence in home appraisals for mortgage lenders.

Our proprietary cloud-based workflow platform, Valuation Express, sets the industry standard. Valuation Express delivers expedited appraisal services by harnessing the power of technology.  Valuation Express is powered by search engine technology that rapidly performs a thorough analysis of every appraisal which expedites our scheduling, inspection, and review. This allows our appraisers to access critical valuation data with ease while our customer service team is simultaneously responding to flags and alerts BEFORE they become production-slowing bottlenecks.

People are the focus.

We listen to our lenders and equip them with proactive technology to get the results they need when they need it. Our professional appraisal panel is at the top of the industry, and readily available to produce reliable appraisals nationwide.

Efficiency is what we deliver.

Our approach produces fast turn times and increased loan volumes for lenders. We are always at 100% compliance with the highest quality assurance in the industry – without all the headaches that come with traditional appraisal management.

Technology is what powers us.

We rely on a technology-driven process through our Valuation Express platform. Valuation Express “fast-tracks” the appraisal process by incorporating real-time scheduling and artificial intelligence (AI), while also analyzing over 2,000 specific data points such as geographic and real estate data, as well as appraiser trends and other critical data. When using Valuation Express lenders experience better communication, less time waste, and expedited appraisal management that is unmatched in the industry. Appraisers get easy access to critical property valuation data, while our appraisal management customer service team is simultaneously responding to flags and alerts BEFORE they become production-slowing bottlenecks.


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