Innovative technology is the backbone of appraisal management

Our technology does the heavy lifting of appraisal management.

We developed Valuation Express, a platform that “fast-tracks” the appraisal process by incorporating real-time scheduling and artificial intelligence (AI), while also analyzing over 2,000 specific data points such as geographic and real estate data, as well as appraiser trends and other critical data. The platform helps to solve decades-long problems with lagging responsiveness and poor visibility into the appraisal process by key stakeholders. The historical model for lenders has been to “order and wait”, whereby now we offer the dynamic “order and watch” solution.

Lenders never experience the “black hole” of communications.

You are updated in real time on all order changes and fulfillment notifications in the appraisal process.

Accuracy is even during high loan volumes.

Every appraisal is automatically analyzed for order specifics, geographic data, and appraiser trends — identifying potential risk and keeping inefficiencies in check.

A group of experts associates supports the process.

Our team of residential appraisal experts check the reports and respond to any red flags to eliminate delays.

Offers full integration with all Loan related systems.

Our technology is both user-friendly and can easily be integrated with your loan origination system and numerous proprietary packages, including:

  • Black Knight RealEC
  • Ellie Mae Encompass
  • Mercury Network
  • WestVM
  • Veros Pathways (Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac)