United States Appraisals provides compliant, efficient and cost savings solutions for Home Equity loans

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April 2, 2018

United States Appraisals provides compliant, efficient and cost savings solutions for Home Equity loans

Lenders can save as much as 85% when compared to traditional methods

OVERLAND PARK, Kansas — (September 18, 2018) — United States Appraisals continues to show its commitment to mortgage lenders, offering among the most robust and comprehensive array of valuation products in the industry. Today, we announce a complete line of home equity valuation solutions, called Equity Xpress.

Equity Xpress is a totally customized valuation solution including best-in-class AVMs, on-site inspections, USPAP compliant desktop appraisals and drive-by appraisal products. “After months of development, merging our appraisal expertise with technology, we are thrilled to offer all-encompassing home equity solutions. Equity Xpress can provide an accurate value at a much lower price compared to traditional appraisal products,” said Brett Berg, Director of National Sales. “By creating a fully customized solution, compliant with Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, this further demonstrates our efforts to deliver leading-edge innovation to the financial services industry.”

Beyond the ability to order stand-alone products, one of the most popular features of Equity Xpress is the ability to arrange them in a customized cascade based on specific loan programs, borrower creditworthiness and property type. The flexibility offers both cost and time savings, and provides real-time “order and watch” functionality, as opposed to slower traditional appraisal processing methods.

“Home equity lenders need valuation solutions that are accurate, cost-effective, and faster than traditional appraisals.  It is exciting to offer a suite of products to solve the needs of every lending situation.” said Aaron Fowler, CEO.  “By leveraging a cascade approach, lenders can save as much as 85% when compared to traditional methods.“

Fowler also advises that the timing of launching Equity Xpress is key.  As interest rates continue to rise, the industry will surely witness the usual surge in home equity volumes, as consumers seek more affordable ways to obtain funds.  United States Appraisals is equipping lenders to leverage accuracy, speed and cost savings to proactively manage the impending volumes. 

About United States Appraisals

Centrally headquartered in the Kansas City area, United States Appraisals provides professional appraisal management services in all 50 states. Our management team has over 120 years of combined mortgage and residential real estate experience, ensuring each appraisal is completed with the highest level of quality. With intense focus on customized personal service, our cutting-edge online tracking system manages every appraisal order from start to finish. United States Appraisals delivers much-needed confidence to the valuation process. For more information, please contact our Director of National Sales, Brett Berg at (502) 216-9115 or email at brettb@unitedstatesappraisals.com.